Welcome Aboard!

     Please welcome Alex Smith, a new Systems Technician in our IT Department.  He is presently attending KCTC (Kentucky Community & Technical College) where he is pursuing a degree in Network Administration.  Alex has five or six years of experience with technology, mostly through his four year stint in the navy. 
     His interests include computers, which should come as no surprise, and cryptocurrency.  Welcome aboard, Alex!


Meet Marty Nash, our new Sales Representative Trainee in the Sales Department.  Marty has put his college education to good use as his most recent job was in Business and Cash Management at a local bank where he was in charge of the Treasury Operations Team.  He has a degree in Accounting from Western Kentucky University and is in the process of receiving his MBA at Indiana University Southeast.

Always a Pleasure

We’re pleased to officially deem our annual fundraiser for Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary a huge success.  We donated 50 Christmas food baskets, enough to provide a generous holiday dinner for those deserving families.  This is such an enjoyable fundraiser for all of us at Duplicator Sales & Derby City Litho as we share one common denominator - it’s all about the kids. 

Employee of the Month

  James has embraced his role as Technical Trainer for our Ricoh and Lexmark products for the last 17 years.    He often holds in-depth technical training classes to our service personnel to keep them up-to-date on all enhancements, new equipment,  and product updates.   As of late, he has taken on the extra role of training on our new FP Mailing Systems.             

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Meet the newest in Ricoh’s line of multi-functional printers, the MP 601SPF. What’s unusual about this new desktop model is its small footprint. It is 18.7”x19.84”x25.39” and weighs in at just over 61 pounds, making it fit in most tight spaces. What’s big about this black and white model is its speed. It copies/prints at 62 prints per minute with the first copy speed at 6 seconds or less. If you don’t need quite that much speed, it also comes in a 52 ppm version.     


Please welcome Katie Hager, our new Emerging Media Specialist in the Pre-Press Department at Derby City Litho.   

Katie has a diverse background as she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Western Kentucky University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Photography degree from the Art Institutes of Nashville. She is married and has two dogs and one cat.  She is a self-proclaimed "nerd" and loves board games and video games.  She also enjoys painting, drawing and taking photographs. 

Welcome aboard, Katie!!

A Paperless Office?

     Being in the copier/print business, we’ve all heard the forecasts of an eventual paperless office.  For those in the biz, we find that forecast a little presumptuous.  In other words, pump the brakes!
     From all indications, many of us think that won’t happen in the very near future.  With the explosion of information, this should fuel more printing than ever.  Still others argue that with emerging technologies, print is destined to go by the wayside.  Who’s right?

Employee of the Month - Tim Easton!

     Derby City Litho's Digital Department has been steadily growing and Tim has done an excellent job of keeping up with the demand.  All jobs have been completed in a timely manner and Tim has been required to work some overtime and weekends, meeting the challenge head on.

     He is in charge of the digital presses as well as imposition and layout for offset presses.  Since he's been at Derby City for 28 years now, he knows what he's doing.  He's a pleasure to work with and we all enjoy his witty sense of humor.  Great job, Tim!



~~The long-term success of a company depends heavily on its employees.  High turn-over reflects poorly on a business, suggesting employee dissatisfaction. However, long-term employees add a sense of loyalty and ownership to a business that has been good to them.  Having said that, pleased join us in celebrating July, August, September & October working anniversaries for Duplicator Sales & Service and Derby City Litho:

Employee of the Month

     Kudos to Bobby Fields, this month's standout employee.  Bobby is an elite member of our Service Department who often leads the way in producing more calls per day while maintaining a high 1st Call Efficiency Rating.

     He works on the vast majority of the Ricoh product line, whether it be color, black & white and even some of the larger models.  He is very productive and at the same time flexible enough to help other technicians and customers by providing support.  Bobby is definitely an asset for the Service Department and to our customers as well.


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