Network Print Solutions

Thankfully, today’s office place offers many valuable tools and technology to make professional tasks easier. To ensure your company always offers its employees the best office technology products with maximum ease-of-use, partner with Duplicator Sales & Service, your unduplicated document professionals.

Duplicator Sales & Service partners with leading office technology manufacturers to make the most current and highest quality tools available to your business. Whether you want to save space with a multifunction hardware system or expand your in-house printing capabilities with a wide format printer, Duplicator Sales & Service has solutions to help your business succeed.

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Regular equipment maintenance and repairs by experienced technicians are the best ways to protect your office technology investment.


Save money on supplies for all your equipment, whether you purchased them from Duplicator Sales & Service or not.

Multifunction Systems

Multifunction systems combine printing, copying, scanning, and fax into a single machine, saving you space and streamlining your service needs.


The quality of your printed documents speaks volumes about your business, so it’s important to find the best printer to suit your company’s needs.

Fax Machines

Dedicated fax machines help businesses communicate with many customers who still prefer this method of communication.


Scanners are essential to the modern office place, allowing companies to convert to electronic filing methods and convert every piece of paper into a searchable document.

Wide Format

Wide format production equipment is the perfect print solution for many industries including architecture, engineering and design.


Digital duplicators lower your cost per print for large volume print projects.


Be certain your confidential and sensitive information is thoroughly destroyed on-site.

Duplicator Sales & Service has knowledgeable salespeople who will help you select and purchase the products that work best for your business and experienced service technicians to support your company’s office technology and keep your office running productively.