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Why the Fax Machine Refuses to Die: Benefits of Faxing in Business

    Sending files via the "old-fashioned" method of your trusty fax machine might make more sense than you think.

     What are the benefits of faxing in business?

     Security - Unlike their electronic counterparts, a fax machine can't be hacked, resulting in your sensitive documents ending up in the wrong hands.  And fax machines are invulnerable to viruses.

     Speed - Modern fax machines have come a long way in terms of speed and efficiency from the slow, lumbering versions we all used in the 90's.

When to Update Office Equipment?

Offices all over the country have depended on office tools to do certain, time inclusive jobs. Before this time, it must have been a difficult to make copies of pages and send them to anyone in your network. Today, we scan them into a multifunctional systems and email straight to your buyers.

Simple Steps to Increase Workplace Productivity

The office was created speifically to increase efficiency and streamline workflow. Therefore, no matter how your business operates, there are always ways to improve upon the processes to achieve a higher rate of productivity from each employee. As productivity goes, every minute is money!

How to Protect Your Company from Toner Scammers

     In the past five years, toner scammers have become more sophisticated at honing their skill and preying upon innocent business victims.  They can be shrewd, clever, and manipulative, call it what you may, but in the end an educated employee can put an end to their nonsense.

Why Manage Business Documents?

The average client may require a variety of different documents related to business. Each of these documents contains information that is central to your client. There are also often sensitive components to this information. Document management services allow you to protect your clients’ data in a secure way. These services are beneficial when it comes to storing documents that have to do with your own business’ operations.

Manage Your Office And Experience More Success

There are a lot of considerations that factor into managing an office environment. These offices are situated in small and large companies. They serve many functions within the company and can play an instrumental role in overall success. Business offices usually include these focuses:

Benefits of Managed Networks Services: Compete in Your Industry

The way your office is managed reflects on other segments of your business. This is the case for medical offices, retail stores and restaurants. Every business these days has an office that serves as the heartbeat of an individual location. Efficiency as it relates to your workforce matters, a lot. The management of the office itself is just as important.

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Virtual CIO: A Technology Roadmap For Your Business

Many companies don’t need a full-time virtual chief information officer (CIO), and most in-house IT departments are focused on the day-to-day operations for a company to perform at their best. A CIO is a very valuable part of any company with many different tasks. If you plan on outsourcing your CIO needs you will want to find a company that will work with your company plans to keep resources focused on your targeted strategic projects, lead the technology organization, and manages the delivery while helping senior management choose compatible technologies to keep up with your companies current needs. A proper Virtual CIO will help free the owner of the company from splitting their time between running a business and managing the IT issues.


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