Annual Service Awards

Our annual Service Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, July 28th.  Our fearless leader, Mike Nash, was again Master of Ceremony and did a splendid job of honoring these long-time employees:
35 years:  Mike Hellmueller (not pictured)
30 years:  Don Washburn, Jeanette Eads, & Gregory Alexander
25 years:  Daina Selter, Carolyn Henderson, Bill Carter, Wesley Jones &  Allen Whitaker.  James Stucker (not pictured)
20 years:  Beth Carrico, Mike Turner, Jason Heil, Dale Finley, Tim King & Darrin Lynch
15 years:  Mike Cook & Holly Crisler Johnson
10 years:  Robby Osting, Clayton Vowels, Tracey Bixler, & Bob Amshoff.  Not pictured:  Stephon Winburn, Terry Kimberlin & Glen MacPherson.
As Mike Nash so aptly put it, “If you pool all the milestone working anniversaries, we’re looking at a combined 495 years of loyal service. Absolutely amazing!”  Congratulations to all!
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