Aurora Twombly

Duplicator Sales and Service/Derby City Litho is proud to have Aurora Twombly home. You can find her at 831 East Broadway, Louisville KY, 40204, located inside on the demo floor. We would like to share some information on how she came into our lives.

On why we chose to sponsor a Gallopallooza horse:

Being family owned since 1959 (you can find the date in the horse’s left ear) Duplicator Sales and Service/Derby City Litho understands the importance of supporting our local community. It was with great pride that we were able to support not only local art but a community organization like Operation Brightside. The Horse on a Barrel statue was chosen due to Duplicator Sales and Service/Derby City Litho’s sincere pleasure of working closely with local customers in the spirits industry.

The artist behind Aurora Twobly’s design:

Joshua Jenkins was born April 14, 1987 in Willingboro, New Jersey and was raised and home-schooled in Poughkeepsie, New York. During the summers he would spend his time with his father, in central Kentucky, where he later lived during his High School years. He graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Jenkins, who is primarily a painter, has since exhibited at galleries throughout the East Coast. He currently resides in the Highlands in Louisville, KY. You can view more of his work on his website at or follow him on Facebook at

The artist’s inspiration behind design and name:

The inspiration of Jenkins’ design comes from modern artist Cy Twombly and the Northern Lights. Twombly's primitive, gestural, and graffiti-like abstract paintings have always fascinated Jenkins by the way Twombly was able to capture energy into his canvases. In Jenkins’ design, he has implemented Twombly’s technique with his own, while combining his other inspiration, the colors that illuminate the Northern Hemisphere sky. Hence the name Aurora Twombly, or “Miss A”.

Aside from the unabashed brush strokes, another common signature trait in Jenkins’ work has seemingly been the recurring 'X' markings. The ideology of these marks has been influenced from the saying "X marks the spot" and the psychological phenomenon of how the markings of an 'X' naturally draws ones eye to it. Jenkins has always used the 'X' as a natural cheat to force the viewer's eye to look at his work.

Why Duplicator Sales and Service/Derby City Litho chose the particular artist and design:

Duplicator Sales & Service, along with Derby City Litho, selected Jenkins due to the originality and “unduplicated” presence of his work.  His design, which is dominated by vibrant colors, is remarkable considering the fact he is color blind.  His passion and energy is captured with each brush stroke, scribble and marking, creating a bold and adventurous statement.  His work parallels Duplicator Sales & Service/Derby City Litho’s commitment to quality and service.

Duplicator Sales and Service/ Derby City Litho also found the design itself extremely intriguing. The way Jenkins designed the statue was to have people stop and take the piece in, always discovering something new. For instance, if you only look on the horse’s left hip you will find an abstract American flag. By walking around to the front, you will find the horse’s last name, Twombly, etched into its right front breast.