Celebrating Working Anniversaries

Finding good employees is challenging for any business.  Keeping good employees is another thing.  Duplicator Sales & Service and Derby City Litho take pride in retaining quality employees as reflected in our working anniversaries for the months of December, January and February.  As always, we are appreciative of our wonderful workforce and are amazed at what they do. Kudos to our following employees:

Holly Crisler (18 years), Glen MacPherson (13), Mark Blackburn (25), David Nash (30), Mendi Satterley (19), Sandra Gillenwater (7), Yolanda Saunders (7), Marty Nash (3), Sue Heil (33), Jimmy Parker (9), Alex Smith (3), James Harrison (20), Wesley Jones (29), Jason Heil (24), Darrin Lynch (24), Bob Crawford (4), David Page (13), Laurel Mitchell (15), David Smith (32), Valerie Welch (3), Jerry Nash (42), Diane Foster (18), Karen McDonald (42), Anthony Prince (22), Rick Wolcott (27).  Average length of employment:  19 years.  Amazing!