Working anniversaries are a special time for employees to reflect on their year(s) with the company while looking back on their successes and accomplishments.  It’s also a time for the employer to recognize individual achievements and let that employee know that his/her work does not go unnoticed.

Duplicator Sales & Service and Derby City Litho appreciates the loyalty that so many employees have shown throughout the years and invite you to join us in celebrating our employees’ milestones for the months of September, October, and November 2018:

Kenny Lightfoot (28 years), David Dutton (2 years), Carolyn Henderson (27), Steve Brangers (30), Theresa Hourigan (28), Sarah Paynter (8), Zach Wright (2), Judy Sanders (13), David White (2), Candace Franklin 21), Celeste Givens (21), Dave Trosper (34), Ken Richey (1), David Delaney (31), Don Nutting (29), Nikki Gillispie (11), Mary Ann Osting (23), Renitia Whitis (24), Hannah Stucker (6), Jeremy Crase (2), Mike Hynson (28), Tracey Bixler (12), Dan Burch (28), Jessica Broy (1), John Ruffra (34), Allyn Ryan (36), Bill Jackson (3), James Stucker (27), Nathan Chamberlain (3), Tim King (22), Randy Thomas (24), Dusko Bogdanovic (19), Greg Alexander (32), Dale Finley (22), Charles Kelley (23), Sherri Wallace (6), Debra Stewart (6).  Average length of employment:  18 years.  Impressive!