~~Meet Bill Jackson, new to the Service Department but certainly not new to the copier industry.  Bill has just relocated to Louisville from Chicago and is celebrating his 31st year in the business.  He's done just about everything from servicing copiers to teaching classes to specializing in production print (the last 20 years).  He will be working on the Ricoh Production Pro Series.
   Bill has been married for 35 years and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren with 1 on the way!  In his free time, he loves to fish and enjoys good food!  Welcome aboard!

Small Footprint ... Big Features

~~The A4 color multi-functional marketplace is in high demand these days and Ricoh has introduced the MP C306 just in time.  It will be a strong competitor with any unit in this arena. 

Employee of the Month

~~Jason Klusmeier has been with us for some time now and is a valued part of the Recon Team.  Not only has he been quick to learn, but his knowledge of basic and not so basic computer “stuff” has proven to be quite helpful.
     Recently he was given the responsibility of keeping the machine firmware folders up-to-date.  He also stepped up his production when Doris was put on light duty and he essentially kept the recon machine orders on track and completed on or before their due dates.  Hats off to Jason who truly deserves this honor!

Shredders Provide Peace of Mind

~~   In today’s technology driven world, the term security has taken on a whole new meaning.  Stolen identity, unfortunately, has become a hot topic and a legitimate concern.  But what about that trash can sitting next to you in your office or cubicle?  Is there important information in there as well?  The answer is a staggering “Yes!” Gone are the days when you could crumple up a piece of paper and throw it away in a traditional wastebasket and feel rest assured that it was “gone” forever.

Meet our New Employee

Please join us in welcoming Jackie Morris to the Accounting Department.  Jackie is our Monthly Maintenance Billing Specialist who has more than 15 years of accounting experience under her belt.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing volleyball and crafting with her eight-year-old daughter, Kate.  Welcome aboard!!!


How the Copier World has Evolved

~~   When I first started in the copier industry roughly 33 years ago, I had a lot to learn in my position of sales assistant.  First and foremost, I had to get acquainted with the copier in the sales department.  This was a seemingly easy task seeing that copiers “back in the day” were pretty direct and simple in comparison to today’s multifunctional units.  As I recall, this copier in particular had a moving platen with no automatic document feeder, no duplexing or sorting and copied at a whopping 12 copies a minute, give or take.  Quality at times was suspect.  A simple act of adding ton

Duplicator Technician Awarded Ricoh Prestige Level 2 Certification

~~Wayne Butterfield, Region Service Manager of Ricoh was proud to present yet another service award to Duplicator Sales & Service.  In this year’s Technician Evaluation Program, 2100 techs nationwide were tested.  The top 50% of those technicians proceeded to take a Level II testing, a more advanced evaluation of hardware, solutions and network skills.  Out of that total, only 118 techs around the country were awarded the Prestige Level 2 Certification.  Congratulations to Wesley Jones, one of the elite 118!

Employee of the Month: Steve Stelton

~~      Aside from the fact that Steve is the "Go-To-Guy" for color copier questions in the Service Department, he's also a great help to the production black and white users.  His 25+ years of experience in the copier industry make him an extremely knowledgeable and valuable employee.
     Derby City Litho has a strong connection with Steve and consistently uses him as a resource for projects, problems and questions, large or small.  Whether he is in the building or out in the field, Steve always answers any question that comes his way. Congrats!


     Please extend a warm welcome to Dennis Chapman, our new Cutter/Stitcher at Derby City Litho.  Dennis comes to us with over 24 years in the printing business.  He is married and has three children ages 17, 15 & 5.  In his free time, he enjoys horse racing and playing golf and is a big fan of the Kentucky Wildcats.  Welcome aboard!


New Customers

~~     A strong customer base is the foundation of a successful business.  We at Duplicator Sales & Service knows how vital it is to bring in new customers all the while keeping our existing ones happy.


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