DS&S Keeps Winning Tradition with New Division

Corey Cooper, Tim Barnes, and Marty Nash with Corporate Mailing Systems

Since 1959, Duplicator Sales & Service has long been a proven resource for the industry’s best manufacturers.  This tradition continued in April 2016 when we acquired Corporate Mailing Systems (CMS), a dedicated FP Mailing Systems dealership.  Combining CMS’ knowledge with our service, Duplicator Sales & Service knew we could further help our customers navigate through today’s ever-changing technology.

We are happy to announce that we did just that in the year of 2016.  Out of 170 dealers, we placed 9th nationally by completing 235% of our annual quota, earning a Top Performance 2016 award from FP.  This truly is an exciting award for Corporate Mailing Systems, a division of Duplicator Sales & Service, and shows our customers how we have been able to bring value beyond traditional office equipment.

In the coming years, we hope to continue this tradition by bringing our customers the unduplicated knowledge and service they have come to expect, continuing to elevate their office technology, equipment, and print communication to make them more effective and efficient.