Duplicator Technician Awarded Ricoh Prestige Level 2 Certification

~~Wayne Butterfield, Region Service Manager of Ricoh was proud to present yet another service award to Duplicator Sales & Service.  In this year’s Technician Evaluation Program, 2100 techs nationwide were tested.  The top 50% of those technicians proceeded to take a Level II testing, a more advanced evaluation of hardware, solutions and network skills.  Out of that total, only 118 techs around the country were awarded the Prestige Level 2 Certification.  Congratulations to Wesley Jones, one of the elite 118!
   Honorable mention nods to Anthony Prince, Steve Stelton, and Darrin Lynch, all who scored highly and showed exceptional merit.  Last year’s recipients were Anthony Prince, Steve Stelton & James Harrison.  We couldn’t be more proud of our Advanced Technology Group!