Duplicator's Technicians Win Excellence Award from Ricoh

~~Service technicians from across the nation took part in Ricoh Corporation’s Prestige Award testing.  The test questions were broad in range, from the more general service related questions in Part I to industry networking and connectivity questions in Part II. 
     In Part I, a total of 1300 technicians were tested.  Of that 1300, only 700 passed.  From that 700, 300 were chosen to move on to Part II.  Out of the 300 participants that were tested, only 55 technicians passed.  Duplicator Sales & Service is proud to say that 3 of those 55 are longtime technical representatives of the company.  The accomplished technicians are Anthony Prince, Steve Stelton and James Harrison. As a result of their outstanding achievement, each received Ricoh’s Prestige Certification as well as a plaque and a Ricoh Prestige Certified watch. 
     The award was presented by Wayne Butterfield, Region Service Manager, Midwest Region of Ricoh Americas Corporation.  Duplicator Sales & Service could not be more proud of their “best in class” technical representatives.  Congratulations!!