Employee of the Month

~~Whether he’s helping customers or raccoons (in distress), Lonnie is the go-to-guy in E’Town regarding equipment and supplies.  He is a valuable employee whose number one priority is “taking care of the customer”.   In his role as Salesperson/Customer Service Rep., Lonnie has established good working relations with customers and fellow employees alike.
     Recently he added “hero” to his list of accomplishments.  In a selfless act, Lonnie rescued a trapped raccoon from the dumpster behind the E’Town office.  In the heat of the moment and never fearing for his safety, he designed a plan of action by placing a ladder by the dumpster.  Shortly thereafter, the raccoon climbed out (thanks to the ladder) and we’re relieved to say the little guy is back with family and friends. Lonnie’s modest rendition doesn’t tell half the story, so remember you heard it here first.
His motto:  “Customers First … Raccoons a close second!”  You rock, Lonnie!!