Employee of the Month ... Tammy Allen

If you don’t know Tammy Allen, you need to get to know her. She is the shining star, aka “Employee of the Month” in the eyes of our customers at Derby City Litho. Her co-workers think she is pretty great too.

Picture this … Derby City recently had a dark day.  The boss was on vacation, the workload was immense, the press broke down, and deadlines were in danger.  But our hero, Tammy, stepped up to save the day.

She quickly made phone calls for help which resulted in four printing companies coming to the rescue and taking on the workload. She prepared purchase orders, arranged for files, paper and plates to be delivered and asked for quick turn-arounds on seven huge jobs.

Tammy stayed on top of it by making calls to find out the status of the jobs and to make sure they would be back in time for bindery to finish the jobs and for shipping to get them to the customers on time. AND at the same time- Tammy kept estimates pouring out which, by the way, is her actual real job.

What a stressful work week that was but also a successful one because Tammy took on the darkness of that day and turned it into sunshine.

  • Jeanette Eads