Good Things Come in Small Packages

Meet the newest in Ricoh’s line of multi-functional printers, the MP 601SPF. What’s unusual about this new desktop model is its small footprint. It is 18.7”x19.84”x25.39” and weighs in at just over 61 pounds, making it fit in most tight spaces. What’s big about this black and white model is its speed. It copies/prints at 62 prints per minute with the first copy speed at 6 seconds or less. If you don’t need quite that much speed, it also comes in a 52 ppm version.     

The 601 also comes standard with a 10.1” Smart Operational Panel, making it easy to copy, print, fax or scan. You can also print from your mobile device and scan/print to a USB/SD card. With a single swipe, this MFP also includes a web browser that enables a user to access web pages directly from the internet and print as PDFs.  And if you’re worried about conserving energy, the Ricoh MP 601SPF has a wide range of energy saving features. Sleep Mode reduces energy usage when the device is unused for extended periods.  Or, if you prefer, you can program the device to turn on and off to conserve energy.  

The Ricoh MP 601SPF has the features and speed of the bigger units with much smaller space requirements, proving for some businesses, size does matter.