Happy People - Happy Workplace

~~     When employees remain with a business over many years, it speaks volumes about the company.   Finding good employees is a challenge for any business, but retaining good employees is a true accomplishment.  Some may go so far as to say the key to a successful business is having good long-time employees who know the ins and outs of the business. 
     With this being said, please join us in celebrating Duplicator Sales & Service and Derby City Litho’s Working Anniversaries for May and June 2015:  Mike Nash (41 years), Stephon Winburn (9 years), David Drane (22 years), Mike Hellmueller (34 years), Mike Turner (19 years), Ann Hartlage (13 years), Lonnie Lewis (8 years), Kelly Arel (18 years), Tim Barnes (7 years), Hunter Wallace (5 years), Angela Speth (21 years), Tammy Allen (5 years), Leila Phillips (13 years), Beth Carrico (19 years), Mike Lanter (15 years), and Robby Osting (9 years).  The average length of employment:  16 years!  Outstanding!