How to Protect Your Company from Toner Scammers

     In the past five years, toner scammers have become more sophisticated at honing their skill and preying upon innocent business victims.  They can be shrewd, clever, and manipulative, call it what you may, but in the end an educated employee can put an end to their nonsense.

     According to Bryan Nash, Inside Sales Manager at Duplicator Sales & Service, the scammers have a two-fold course of action.  First, they want to get as much information about you, the customer, such as equipment I.D., machine make and model, service dealer's name, and so on.  They will then, at a later time, call back and use this information to make them seem accountable.

   The scammers' dialogue goes something like this.  They want to make you aware of the fact that toner pricing has recently skyrocketed and they want to help you out.  For a short time only, they will offer you old pricing, in the range of $250-500 when mrsp pricing is actually only $70-150.  Seem like a good deal?  To an uneducated employee, it just might be.  But according to Nash, there are ways to protect your company against these toner scammers.

     First of all, Nash feels it is extremely important to educate your employees.  Make employees aware that in most cases customers have a maintenance contract where toner is included in the contract, as is the case with Duplicator Sales.  Secondly, he suggests you streamline your ordering system.  Make one or two employees responsible for ordering supplies.  This helps in not only fending off these callers, but ensures the customer will not run out of toner.  Next, always refer to your favorite supply representative by name.  Tell the caller that you deal with them and them only.  When you do this, scammers usually hang up the phone immediately.  In other words, they are caught!  Nash also warns folks to never sign any paperwork that the scammers might fax over.  They are known to fax arbitrary notes requesting terms of agreement. 

     If for some reason a scammer does send out toner, refuse shipment!  According to Nash, almost all orders come out of California and, for future reference, Duplicator Sales & Service ships locally out of Louisville only.  By the way, don't hesitate to report scammers to the Better Business Bureau at  And above all else, if toner is shipped to your company, do not pay for it!  Return toner back to sender immediately, preferably using a delivery service that requires signatures.

     For more information or if you have any questions, please call our Supply Team at Duplicator Sales & Service at (502) 560-0790.