How Secure is your Office Copier?

~~Digital copiers are commonplace in businesses today. In fact, you would be hard pressed to go to any office who didn’t have at least one copier, with most organizations having several.   These multifunctional devices can copy, scan, print, fax and even email documents.  Which poses the question... Just how secure are office copiers?  Since most mid-volume and up copiers have hard drives, what happens to these hard drives after a copier is traded in?  Is this something we actually should be concerned with?
     With the many functions of digital copiers today, many times a hard drive is necessary.  For instance, a multifunctional device scans the original(s) once and produces multiple copies, hence the term that’s popular in the copier industry, “Scan Once, Print Many”.  The scan is stored on the hard drive and frees up other functions on the MFP.  It’s much the same when printing since the job is spooled to the hard drive.
     Today you can feel rest assured that DS&S does everything possible to protect your sensitive information.  In fact, our latest Ricoh models adhere to the Department of Defense standards by employing a Data Overwrite Security System and Encryption since Ricoh products use proprietary software to process data, making accessing hard drive information extremely difficult. 
     To provide enhanced security for multifunctional copiers and printers, Ricoh offers the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) for select systems.  DOSS offers two processes for overwriting the hard drive data.  After the completion of each job, an overwrite process is used where the data is destroyed.  DOSS can also offer the capability to overwrite the entire hard drive up to nine times.  Overwriting the entire hard drive is designed to destroy all data at the end of the system’s life or when being returned at the end of a lease. 
     The Hard Drive Encryption option for Ricoh’s copiers and printers provides security for information that needs to be stored on the MFP or printer and reused again.  User and administrator passwords and address book information are key examples.
     As if that wasn’t enough, when a copier is brought into our facility as a result of a trade-in, Duplicator Sales & Service’s technicians immediately erase the hard drive whether it is to be refurbished or even junked – no exceptions.  If the customer prefers, they can purchase a Hard Drive Retention Contract where they keep the hard drive. 
     All in all, in today’s fast paced and digital world, it’s more important than ever to be aware of securing your confidential information.  Duplicator Sales, along with Ricoh, helps to provide that peace of mind.