Kentucky Derby Festival Clown Headquarters 2018

Duplicator is proud to be the Clown Headquarters for the 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade.  In fact, we have had the pleasure of providing this service for 20 plus years.  DS&S is strategically located at the very start of the parade at Campbell & Broadway.  Our garage area provides ample room for the “funny people” to meet, get their costumes together and basically entertain all employees coming and going.  And, by the way, we are a great audience!   

What’s interesting about the clowns and the Pegasus Parade in general, is the fact that nearly every aspect of the parade is done on a voluntary basis, clowns included.    It is such community involvement that makes the parade possible.  Duplicator “does their part” year in and year out by housing these lovable people and providing them a home base where they can feel comfortable.

The clowns work their magic from Campbell and Broadway to the end of the parade at 9th street.  Children and adults alike enjoy the Pegasus Parade, especially those good-natured clowns.  Here’s to a great parade!