DS&S Keeps Winning Tradition with New Division

Corey Cooper, Tim Barnes, and Marty Nash with Corporate Mailing Systems

Since 1959, Duplicator Sales & Service has long been a proven resource for the industry’s best manufacturers.  This tradition continued in April 2016 when we acquired Corporate Mailing Systems (CMS), a dedicated FP Mailing Systems dealership.  Combining CMS’ knowledge with our service, Duplicator Sales & Service knew we could further help our customers navigate through today’s ever-changing technology.

Consider Managed IT Solutions

   Something that’s become abundantly clear over the last decade or so, is the importance of the role of Information Technology in business today. But finding a Managed IT provider can be a huge task.  With the wrong selection, you might just end up where you started.  However, productivity and workflow can flourish with the right partner.

Welcome to the Fold!

A sincere welcome to our new customers.  We value your business and can’t emphasize enough how you, the customer, play a key role in our business.  Without further delay, below are our new customers for the months of January & February 2017:


   Meet Christy Tyler, our new Billing Specialist in the Accounting Department.  Christy will handle the maintenance billing for the Lexington and E’Town offices as well as Derby City Litho.
   She holds two Associates degrees, one in Business Administration and one in Accounting.  She is also the proud owner of two adorable dachshunds, Hanzel and Daisy.
   Christy enjoys listening to live music and is also an avid sports fan.  Since she’s a North Caroline native, she cheers for the Tarheels in basketball and the Panthers in football.  Welcome aboard!


Outstanding Employee - Daina Selter!

     For close to 26 years, Daina has done a remarkable job in her position of Prepress Manager.  As her title infers, Daina sees to it that the print job's design and content meet quality standards before being printed.

     Daina is not only excellent at her job but is also a gifted artist, musician and singer.  Her extended knowledge of prepress software and equipment along with assisting co-workers in everyday tasks comes through as a finely tuned instrument.

     Derby City toots its congratulatory horn for a  job well done!

One Big Happy Work Family

Join us in celebrating our working anniversaries for December, January & February!

Where's My File?

     If you enjoy searching through folders for documents, losing important files, and wasting valuable time, then Document Management might not be for you.  On the other hand, if you enjoy spending your time wisely and want to avoid the stress of not being able to find that crucial but misplaced file, then listen carefully.  SentryFile Document Management might be the solution you are looking for.


Please welcome our newest employee of Derby City Litho, Donald Hinkle.  Donald is our new part-time Light Truck Delivery Specialist.  He has two stepchildren (one being our Sandra Gillenwater in Parts), one child and three grandchildren. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with old cars, fishing and keeping up with the kids.  Welcome aboard!


Is Your Business Using Mobile Printing?

With the rapid rise of mobile usage among employees, mobile technology has changed the way we work.  Not only is it easier than ever to print from smartphones, tablets and laptops, it’s also convenient and productive for employees.  With more and more employees always on the go, now more than ever they need access to documents with the ability to print wherever they go.

Introducing... Valerie Welch

Please welcome Valerie Welch, a new Customer Service Representative at Derby City Litho.  Valerie comes to us with over 27 years’ experience in customer service in the financial world.  She graduated from Ohio State University, where she majored in Women’s Studies.

Her interests include gardening, exercising, animal rescue and spending time with friends.  Welcome aboard!



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