Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

     Originally marketed for homes and small businesses, the multifunctional unit is in high demand for medium to large businesses and has been for some time now.   Commonly known as MFP’s, these versatile devices consolidate copy, print, scan & fax into one single unit.
     Why are they so popular?  In a nutshell – space!  Gone are the days of having a copier on one wall next to a fax machine that is next to a printer.  Eliminating a scanner at your desk obviously frees up work space there as well. 
     Purchasing one unit that does it all versus buying several stand-alone machines is cost effective with the overall investment typically less than purchasing several machines (i.e. copier, fax, printer, scanner).  And don’t forget, having an all-in-one device can save money on service contracts, not to mention supplies like toner.  And utilizing one power cord is cost effective and can produce significant savings in power consumption.
     Ease of use is another argument for MFP’s.  Most come with large touch screens that walk you through the copy/print/scan/fax features.  While a co-worker is printing a large job, you can still utilize the fax and scan features.  The only notable downside to a multifunctional device is that if the machine is completely down, you will lose all functionality.  But if you have a reliable company with a top notch service department, downtime can be dramatically limited.
     But in the end, what a lot of businesses are looking for is the convenience of having one unit, one service contract, one service department, one toner supply, etc.  Duplicator Sales & Service has a wide variety of multifunctional units.  Contact us today to find out the many ways we can be of service to you.