Quick Tips to Consider Before Calling for Copier Service

In order to save time, frustration, and money, consider using these tips before calling for service on your copier.

*First and foremost, check the electrical outlet.  If you have a power protection strip, make sure the light is on and you have power.

*If your device won’t print, copy or fax, be sure to check the paper and toner levels.  Also be sure to check your operation panel to see if you have any service codes or alerts to be aware of.

*It might be wise to make sure your equipment is connected to your network before calling for technical help.  If you can copy and fax, the problem just might be within the network, not the hardware.

*You’ve heard it before, but if one particular workstation won’t print, log off and restart your computer.  Then try again.

*And if all else fails when trying to print, scan, etc., reset the equipment.  This is accomplished by turning off the device and completely unplugging it and turning it back on.

*Are you getting a solid line across the page when copying from the automatic document feeder?  To test, place original on glass and press copy.  If no line appears, you’ve just determined it’s your ADF scanner.  Simply clean the thin scanner strip to the left of the platen glass.  This is where the copier scans your originals from the ADF.  Periodically, the scanner gets dirty and appears as a line on your copy.  By cleaning it, you will avoid this line.

*Experiencing an occasional misfeed?  First rule of thumb, FAN the paper!  In the summer there is plenty of humidity in the air and in the winter static is a problem.  Fanning the paper before you put it in the tray should help alleviate the problem.

*Close the lid of the copier when copying small items such as checks and insurance cards.  This will help eliminate jams and save on toner!  Excessive toner on paper can cause paper to stick to fuser rollers, resulting in jams.

These are just a few helpful hints to check on before placing a service call.  But, if you still need assistance, protect your investment by contacting our experienced service personnel.  When you request service or support from Duplicator Sales & Service, you’ll get fast and top-notch service.  You can request service at http://www.duplicatorsales.net/service-request or call 589-5555.  Please have your equipment I.D. handy.