~~The long-term success of a company depends heavily on its employees.  High turn-over reflects poorly on a business, suggesting employee dissatisfaction. However, long-term employees add a sense of loyalty and ownership to a business that has been good to them.  Having said that, pleased join us in celebrating July, August, September & October working anniversaries for Duplicator Sales & Service and Derby City Litho:

Employee of the Month

     Kudos to Bobby Fields, this month's standout employee.  Bobby is an elite member of our Service Department who often leads the way in producing more calls per day while maintaining a high 1st Call Efficiency Rating.

     He works on the vast majority of the Ricoh product line, whether it be color, black & white and even some of the larger models.  He is very productive and at the same time flexible enough to help other technicians and customers by providing support.  Bobby is definitely an asset for the Service Department and to our customers as well.

When is a Good Time? ...

     While discussing the topic of purchasing a mailing machine, the same question consistently arises:  Why should we consider purchasing vs buying stamps from the local post office?  First of all, there are many things to consider, the first being that no one can actually own a postage meter.  Postage meters can be rented through the United States Postal Service only.  Under federal law, postage is considered to be currency and printing of postage is strictly regulated under the United States P

Small Footprint, Big in Features

     Ricoh has just introduced the latest in A4 technology with the addition of the 501spf and 601spf multifunctional black and white copiers.  Complete with copy, print, fax and color scanning, these Ricoh products give you faster print speeds (52 and 62 ppm respectively) and come standard with Genuine Adobe Postscript. 

Outstanding Employee - Jason Heil!

     It*s reassuring to know we have a *can-do* employee in our midst.  From day one, Jason has always displayed his versatility and DS&S has taken him up on just that.   It was not too long ago that Jason made a smooth transition from Field Tech to In-Shop Technician.  From there he has also helped out on numerous occasions on the Help desk, answering technical questions and the like.

Time for an Upgrade?

     One of the more critical pieces of equipment an office depends on is its copier.  You’ve heard the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  Well, the same goes for the copier.  When it is not functioning properly, a seemingly easy-going employee can “flip a switch” and go from docile employee to enraged employee.  We’ve all seen it happen. 

Employee of the Month - Matt Gilmore

      In the short time he's been here, Matt brings a positive energy to the Service Department.  He is extremely versatile in the fact that he works on copiers, printers and now our full line of mailing equipment.
      Matt, better known lately as "Mailman Matt", tackles any job handed to him with optimism and determination.  We appreciate your great attitude and enjoy working with you. Congrats!

The Value of Optimized Print

~~When it comes to the investment in your business’s print solutions, you have to look beyond the cost of the equipment alone.  You have to ask yourself, is it realistic to hold on to outdated equipment such as an older copier or obsolete printer? Can you afford to NOT have the latest and greatest to improve workflow and communication within your business?

Annual Service Awards

Our annual Service Awards ceremony was held on Thursday, July 28th.  Our fearless leader, Mike Nash, was again Master of Ceremony and did a splendid job of honoring these long-time employees:
35 years:  Mike Hellmueller (not pictured)
30 years:  Don Washburn, Jeanette Eads, & Gregory Alexander
25 years:  Daina Selter, Carolyn Henderson, Bill Carter, Wesley Jones &  Allen Whitaker.  James Stucker (not pictured)
20 years:  Beth Carrico, Mike Turner, Jason Heil, Dale Finley, Tim King & Darrin Lynch
15 years:  Mike Cook & Holly Crisler Johnson

We Did It!!!

     As another school year quickly approaches, the good people at Duplicator Sales & Derby City Litho went on a mission!  Their goal was to shatter last year’s record of collecting 88 backpacks for the Volunteer of America’s Backpack program. 


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