Ricoh "Outsmarts" the Competition

For businesses that prefer the functionality and performance of today’s smart phones and tablets, Ricoh has made available a 10.1” Wide Super VGA Smart    Operational Panel option on many of their multifunctional units.
     Using the new Ricoh Smart Device Connector app, which is available for IPhone or Android, users can walk up to the MFP and place their mobile device either on the QR code or on the phone symbol and print directly from their smart devices.
    In addition to being able to print from mobile devices, the smart panel has Quick User Features for copy, fax and scan which unclutter the screen and simplify the process, making it easy for first-time users in a walk-up environment.  For advanced features, simply swipe the screen for more detailed functions.  The new panel also offers an Advanced Web Browser, similar to today’s mobile devices.