Safeguards to Protect Your Network

Every business should have policies and procedures in place to protect against lost or stolen data.  Many firewalls and antivirus software mistakenly give a false sense of security and companies need to know how to protect against new and rising threats.

It’s more important than ever to learn about the risks of mobile and cloud computing and take the necessary steps to avoid a crisis.  Overlook even one small aspect and a company could be open to security breaches, damaging and expensive litigation, and employment lawsuits not to mention the possibility of confidential information being exposed to competitors, hackers and cybercriminals.

Please join us for a FREE Lunch and Learn Seminar that exposes the #1 security threat to your business in which antivirus, firewalls and other security protocols are defenseless against.  Learn the alarming truth about bank fraud that most businesses aren’t aware of that could literally wipe out their accounts.

Our last seminar, according to participants, was very informative and well attended.  Our next seminar is scheduled for March 2018, date and time to be determined.  Check back on our website for exact time and date.