Malvern, PA, November 12, 2015 - Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced a new, enhanced version of RICOH Smart Presenter aimed to enable collaboration and sharing of documents, images and other information across organizations of any size for meetings. This paperless meeting solution streamlines document preparation and centralizes meeting management for improved document workflows and collaboration. Comprised of the RICOH Smart Presenter iOS app, and RICOH Conference Center server edition for larger meetings and organizations, the solution addresses challenges organizations face in the evolving work environment. New features help ensure that meetings and the information, people and resources that support them are managed securely, efficiently and quickly. Users now have more control over meeting documents, can share information in real-time with user access controls and authentication, implement meeting permissions, and have their uploaded documents converted automatically for viewing compatibility.
As the need for collaboration during meetings increases, so does the need for collaboration tools that enable organizations to move beyond static paper documents. RICOH Smart Presenter offers a modern way to conduct both planned and spontaneous meetings, workshops, seminars and lectures across a distributed audience. It simplifies and removes tasks associated with business meetings, including handout creation and binding and distribution of materials, as well as solving challenges created by document updates, reprints and distributed materials containing confidential information. Participants can view agendas, documents, images and more directly from the smartphones, tablets and laptops they’re already carrying. The solution enables meeting organizers to easily prepare, upload, change and distribute meeting materials, and present information to all meeting attendees on the fly. It also supports larger meetings, broader device compatibility and local storage.
RICOH Smart Presenter solution empowers users to:

  • Tailor your message — and who sees it — at any time: Set document access and download controls for increased document security, and grant certain user permissions through the admin portal. Share documents, photos and links and change the order of document presentation in real-time.
  • Host meetings in minutes, while giving your audience more time to act: Participants can access the information directly from their personal mobile device or Windows® PC.
  • Dispense critical information in the format you and your audience prefer: Display the RICOH Smart Presenter app for meeting attendees in the same room via Ricoh wireless projectors that don’t have a personal mobile device. Hardcopy documents can be scanned directly to the RICOH Conference Center server from supported multifunction printers.
  • Reach more people, more ways with RICOH Conference Center: Larger organizations can use the on-premise server software version of this solution to schedule and conduct meetings with up to 350 users, including those without iOS devices.

“Meetings are where business gets done. As the workplace evolves and the demand for digital collaboration becomes more intense, managing meetings and sharing related information needs to be done in a modern way,” said John Brophy, Vice Present, Product Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Many organizations still struggle with logistical challenges of managing meetings and giving their employees access to information where, when and how they need it. With this new version of RICOH Smart Presenter, we’re giving meeting organizers the control and peace of mind that they need to manage the ever-changing 21st century meeting – whether they’re an enterprise, small business, or something in between.”
To learn more about how these enhancements to RICOH Smart Presenter can help manage meetings and information as they become more mobile, please visit
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