Shredders Provide Peace of Mind

~~   In today’s technology driven world, the term security has taken on a whole new meaning.  Stolen identity, unfortunately, has become a hot topic and a legitimate concern.  But what about that trash can sitting next to you in your office or cubicle?  Is there important information in there as well?  The answer is a staggering “Yes!” Gone are the days when you could crumple up a piece of paper and throw it away in a traditional wastebasket and feel rest assured that it was “gone” forever.
   You might be surprised the information you would find in your own wastebasket at work and what it would tell about you.  And I don’t mean frivolous things like what you had for lunch.  Identity thieves thrive on your garbage and what it contains.  If you pay or discard your bills at work, you’re providing “information for the taking”.
   Although most information in businesses tend to be stored on computer servers, a large percentage of information is still on paper.  There are departments like Human Resources who, in most businesses today, handle sensitive information. And what about that salesperson or accounting clerk who has important information regarding a company’s client base?  What precautions do they take to protect this information from leaking out? 
    Fortunately, there is a simple solution.  Shred everything!  There are many benefits to shredding besides the obvious.  Shredding helps to reduce the volume of paper waste because shredded paper is more compact than crumpled paper.  Also, shredding sensitive data now will save you money in the future.  Someone applying for a credit card in your name will cost a heck of a lot more in the future than investing in a shredder today.   Shredding can protect a company’s sensitive internal information as well.  Your business could be subject to financial penalties if the proper measures aren’t taken to protect this personal information.
   Most shredders destroy more than paper and there is a wide variety to choose from.  Many can be used to shred CDs, DVDs, credit cards and more.  And some have even been known to gobble up a designer tie, every now and then.
   The good people at Duplicator Sales & Service have a variety of Dahle shredders to fit your specific needs.  Contact us today to find out the many ways we can be of service to you!