Start a New Holiday Tradition!

We at Duplicator Sales enjoy promoting our nearby business neighbors and Paristown Hall is no exception.  The booming entertainment venue near downtown and a stone’s throw away from our business is alive and doing well.  It’s also home to Louisville’s only outside ice skating rink during the holiday season.

As the season draws to an end, you still have time to take in an evening or more of skating while enjoying a spectacular 8 projector laser dome that synchronizes with 40 holiday songs.  If you’ve missed the opportunity, here’s your chance.

The rink is located at 720 Brent Street and is open New Year’s Eve from noon – 9pm and New Year’s Day from noon – 6 pm. It’s also open every night until Sunday, January 5th.  Thursday, January 2nd hours are from 4pm – 9pm and Friday hours are 4pm – 11pm.  Saturday the rink is open from noon – 11pm and Sunday, the very last day, hours are noon – 6pm.  Make this a new holiday tradition!