Two Sides Are Better Than One

The Benefits of Duplex Printing

You can save more than just paper when you use duplex printing. Duplex printing actually helps conserve water, trees, and energy. When you upgrade to a duplex machine, you can take a bigger step toward going green in your office.

When you copy and print on both sides of every sheet of paper, you lower your paper bills by 50 percent. You also save on your energy bill and you help save trees by consuming less paper.

Double-sided copying also helps significantly, even if you don’t own a duplex printer. You can encourage your staff to reuse old copies by copying or printing on the blank side of used paper. You can also print on both sides manually by printing on one side of a paper sheet, removing it and flip it over along the edge, then reinsert it into the printer and print on the other side.

If you already have a double-sided or duplex printer, printing on both sides of paper becomes quick and easy. If you’re not sure whether your printer has this functionality, just check for a button on your machine that says “Duplex” or “Print on both sides.” You might find it in the print properties box of your print menu.

Some printers also have a manual duplex option. After you print on the first side, click “OK" or “Print.” The machine will continue printing on the other side of the paper sheet.

While manual printing may be hard to do in a busy office or network printer, you can still save on paper usage and go green by reusing printed paper and printing on the blank side. That alone may contribute to as much as 70 percent or higher of all internal paper usage in your office. Choose to print less and more effectively.

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