The Value of Optimized Print

~~When it comes to the investment in your business’s print solutions, you have to look beyond the cost of the equipment alone.  You have to ask yourself, is it realistic to hold on to outdated equipment such as an older copier or obsolete printer? Can you afford to NOT have the latest and greatest to improve workflow and communication within your business? And are you aware that service contracts on new equipment generally is less expensive than on older equipment.  And of course, older equipment is prone to breakdowns and the parts can be nearly impossible to locate as the equipment ages.  Therefore, having an understanding of your print environment and its associated costs through an Optimized Print Assessment is the first step to streamlining your fleet while maximizing efficiency.

In an assessment, we can gather and review usage data for each of the devices in your fleet. Standard operational information is collected and this type of usage data helps us perform a cost analysis to determine how much printing actually costs your business.

By analyzing the assessment results, we will be able to make recommendations for value-added factors that resonate most with your business, including enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved security.

Duplicator Sales and Service will develop and implement a print strategy that suits your unique business needs. This strategy will help your company leverage a standard office practice like printing, enabling you to achieve increased productivity and security while enhancing your bottom line.

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