Virtual CIO: A Technology Roadmap For Your Business

Many companies don’t need a full-time virtual chief information officer (CIO), and most in-house IT departments are focused on the day-to-day operations for a company to perform at their best. A CIO is a very valuable part of any company with many different tasks. If you plan on outsourcing your CIO needs you will want to find a company that will work with your company plans to keep resources focused on your targeted strategic projects, lead the technology organization, and manages the delivery while helping senior management choose compatible technologies to keep up with your companies current needs. A proper Virtual CIO will help free the owner of the company from splitting their time between running a business and managing the IT issues.

Duplicator Sales and Services understands that not all companies are the same, and your company will need a technology roadmap made custom to your business needs. With your business goals in mind, a technology roadmap and virtual CIO can help you develop a technology plan specific to your needs. When you implement a technology road map, it’s best to have an end goal in mind that might include:

  • Making sure the proper resources are dedicated to reaching your goals.
  • Finding solutions that support your business hardware and software needs.
  • Help measure the impact of the organization’s goals.
  • Find ways to minimize your equipment downtime while maximizing your employees’ efforts in productivity.
  • Find ways to protect your data and keep your budget under control.

Let us help you implement a technology roadmap to support your business based on your unique needs. Contact us today to learn what our team can do for you!