What is a Document Server?

~~The document server is a storage area on all mid-volume and up Ricoh multifunctional copiers.  It is ideal for storing commonly used forms such as fax cover sheets, expense reports, and even larger documents like employee handbooks.  Up to 3000 files can be stored.  Documents can be stored at the device itself using either the document feeder or exposure glass or can be sent directly from a PC.  The document server can be accessed from any computer connected to the same network that the Ricoh server is.
     After storing a document to the document server, the following features can be used:  sorting, duplexing and stapling.  The document server can also be used to merge separate documents stored on the document server into one larger document.
     In a nutshell, a document server has the ability to store documents that your business may need on a regular basis, allowing for quick and simple recovery of files.  Rather than having to print those repetitive documents each time they are needed, it’s reassuring to know the job(s) resides at the copier for easy retrieval and can be deleted at any time.