What's the Best Choice for Your Business? Leasing or Buying?


   Is equipment leasing or buying the better option for replacing or upgrading a copier?  Since there is no right answer, companies and organizations have to weigh the pros and cons of each and decide what fits their specific needs.
Benefits of Leasing:
First and foremost, leasing gives you the flexibility to keep your equipment up-to-date.  Since you pay nothing upfront, it’s often the more affordable option on a monthly basis.  Add to the fact your leased equipment is a tax deductible expense and you have a more attractive incentive.
   Since Duplicator Sales & Service has their own internal leasing company (while being the only dealer in this area to do so), it’s easier than ever to upgrade equipment rather than considering a 3rd party lease.  Duplicator’s leasing agreements are also flexible when it comes to upgrades, making it easy to upgrade devices for newer technology as your needs change.
   A technology driven company generally prefers to lease since it’s important for them to have the latest and the greatest.  They prefer to keep up-do-date on ever-changing technology and a lease from Duplicator gives them the freedom to do so.  Equipment leases often include standard maintenance agreements to ensure the device is cared for over the course of the lease. But what seems to be the most attractive benefit of leasing is the ability to upgrade the equipment easily while having the opportunity to determine if the equipment meets the end-user’s needs.

Benefits of Buying:
   Buying also has its perks.  One being that purchasing equipment can be an easier process since you don’t have to worry about lease contracts or provide any financial information. And once you own your equipment, you can decide how to maintain it.  Although buying does require an up-front investment, it also means you usually end up paying less in the long run when compared to leasing.  Customers who want to hold on to their equipment are attracted to this idea of purchasing. 
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