When is a Good Time? ...

     While discussing the topic of purchasing a mailing machine, the same question consistently arises:  Why should we consider purchasing vs buying stamps from the local post office?  First of all, there are many things to consider, the first being that no one can actually own a postage meter.  Postage meters can be rented through the United States Postal Service only.  Under federal law, postage is considered to be currency and printing of postage is strictly regulated under the United States Postal Service.

     Now that we have that out of the way, a good rule of thumb to follow is this.  If you are a business spending $50 a month or more, it just might be a good time to consider getting a small meter.  Meters can be rented for as little as $22.95 per month.  Below are some important points you should know when considering a purchase of a mailing machine:


1.       Metered Mail avoids 9 of 11 steps a stamped letter goes through at the post office.

2.       Meters offer a “professional” appearance, like that of large corporations.

3.       Meters give you full accounting of your postage expense, i.e. how much you have used and how much you have left.

4.       Meters give you “security” in the office.  Stamps can “walk” away.

5.       Meters give you built-in advertising since they can print marketing messages on upcoming promotions on envelopes.

6.       Metered mail has to be on its way and into the mail stream by midnight of the day it is mailed.  That’s why it is dated.

7.       Metered mail gets a $.01 cent discount on every piece, just for using a meter.

     All in all, postage machines are a great way to save time and money.  Large and small volumes of mail can be processed faster and easier than stamps, not to mention less trips to the post office.  Mailing machines also can reduce costs by ensuring the correct postage is applied to all mail. 

     So if you think now is the time for your business to purchase a mailing machine, Corporate Mailing Systems, a division of Duplicator Sales and Service, can help! We offer exceptional customer service & competitive pricing and partner with FP Mailing Solutions, the fastest growing mailing system in the United States.  The extra benefits you can expect are the following:

  • Track & report postage by cost centers or accounts with all FP mailing systems.
  • Have available commercial-grade postal scales calculate postage for you.
  • Easily update your mailing system with the latest USPS postal rates.
  • Take advantage of USPS commercial pricing discounts that offer the best shipping rates on packages with selected system

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