Why the Fax Machine Refuses to Die: Benefits of Faxing in Business

    Sending files via the "old-fashioned" method of your trusty fax machine might make more sense than you think.

     What are the benefits of faxing in business?

     Security - Unlike their electronic counterparts, a fax machine can't be hacked, resulting in your sensitive documents ending up in the wrong hands.  And fax machines are invulnerable to viruses.

     Speed - Modern fax machines have come a long way in terms of speed and efficiency from the slow, lumbering versions we all used in the 90's.

     Price - Fax machines are very inexpensive and can be included as part of most multifunctional devices.

     Ease- A fax machine can be easily installed by anyone, allowing your IT department to focus on more critical tasks.  And these days, even the least technically inclined people can operate a fax machine.