Is Your Business Using Mobile Printing?

With the rapid rise of mobile usage among employees, mobile technology has changed the way we work.  Not only is it easier than ever to print from smartphones, tablets and laptops, it’s also convenient and productive for employees.  With more and more employees always on the go, now more than ever they need access to documents with the ability to print wherever they go.

Mobile printing allows you to print from any mobile device to any networked and web-enabled printer.  You can print documents, photos, emails, web pages and more from your phone, tablet or laptop – whether you’re out and about or simply in another part of your building.

Security – Passwords and ID cards can all be leveraged in mobile printing solutions to prevent data loss.
Costs – Mobile printing can reduce hardware expenses by freeing your business to use smartphones and tablets instead of costly laptop computers.
Ease of Use – Depending on your needs, you may prefer email-to-printer, browser-based solutions or independent applications.
Features - Your solution can include functionalities like guest printing and sustainable printing rules, or your devices can be set up to keep configuration options simple.

So, if part of your business is mobile, folks may benefit from the flexibility made possible by mobile printing.  There are plenty of options to meet your needs, so if mobile printing might be right for your company, contact us today.