SentryFile Document Management

In the past, Document Management was simply scanning all your file copies into your computer. That was good; it let you store you digitized data, and you could easily create backup copies to store offsite. However, when trying to retrieve a specific contract or a certain piece of paper, it became tiresome and overwhelming. SentryFile Document Management is the answer. SentryFile is a pioneering generation of business software that enables your business to scan, store, retrieve and manage your paperless office—true Document Management. Digitize your paper documents into a searchable online library of information.

Why SentryFile

SentryFile is a cost effective non-proprietary system. The application conforms to industry standards and assures you that your data is always your data. There is no additional software to be installed because SentryFile utilizes existing software that you already have such as your Web Browser and your PDF Viewer.

Additionally, SentryFile employs Server-Based Licensing. You can install SentryFile on one computer and allow virtually unlimited number of users to connect from their workstations. No additional licenses are required.

SentryFile is designed to be "as easy as possible." This concept means each user, based on his or her rights profile, is only displayed interface items for features they require. The application is '"user-friendly" and will not require expensive training sessions or lost man-hours learning a new system.

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Empower your employees to a higher level of achievement. Discover how to combine the benefits of today's multifunctional copiers with document management software (DMS). DMS provides you with instant access to an electronic copy of a past order, unpaid invoices, customer acceptance, etc., and can greatly enhance your business functions, especially your sales, accounting and human resources efforts.

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