Connectivity Helpdesk

Help Desk 

Duplicator Sales & Service’s connectivity helpdesk is your company’s tech savvy friend. Our relationship with your company doesn’t end when we sell you the equipment; we are here to answer questions about your office technology and provide ongoing support and service to keep your company running efficiently.

We know you count on the products you purchase from Duplicator Sales & Service to help your business grow and to fulfill the promises you make to your own customers. Our main objective is to make sure your equipment produces the highest quality documents and that you have maximum equipment uptimes to achieve your business goals. We provide the ongoing support for your office technology, whether you need to order supplies or have a technician make a service call to diagnose or troubleshoot equipment, we are here to serve you in a timely and professional manner.

Our dispatch system and team of experienced technicians ensure your service calls are answered quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to minimizing the downtime you might experience when your equipment needs service. With more than 60 years of service to our market, we have the expertise to advise your business on which brands and manufacturers to trust. Call today at 502-560-0857.

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