MailOne 2.0 Mailing, Shipping & Accounting Software

MailOne 2.0 for PostBase gives new efficiencies and cost savings to PostBase users. MailOne 2.0 is adapted from FP’s MailOne 1.0 software (for UltiMail & CentorMail),

PostBase customers who add MailOne 2.0 to their meters can enjoy big savings on postage costs with Commercial Base Pricing and electronic Certified & Return Receipts; plus get the most out their PostBase with MailOne 2.0′s advanced operating, accounting, reporting, and tracking. 

Learn More about MailOne 2.0 Software

  • Save big on postage costs when you take advantage of MailOne-enabled discounts on USPS® Commercial Base Pricing (up to 50%) and Electronic Signature Confirmation (over 18%).
  • Save time by processing and tracking USPS® electronic Confirmation Services, Certified, and Return Receipt within the convenient MailOne interface.
  • Tell your accounting folks about the comprehensive accounting and reporting.
  • Avoid the hassles of multiple shipping labels with MailOne 2.0′s single, convenient all-in-one 4×6-inch shipping label that combines addresses, postage, and confirmation barcodes.
  • Unlimited departmental accounts
  • Three-tier departmental accounts

Key Features

  • Accurately record, analyze, & report mailroom expenses
  • Convenient all-in-one shipping label
  • Automatically process USPS® electronic confirmation services
  • Instantly access USPS® commercial-base pricing (cbp) discounts
  • Process and track e-certified mail and e-return receipt
  • Account reports/exports
  • Online USPS tracking

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