Document Management

When to Update Office Equipment?

Offices all over the country have depended on office tools to do certain, time inclusive jobs. Before this time, it must have been a difficult to make copies of pages and send them to anyone in your network. Today, we scan them into a multifunctional systems and email straight to your buyers.

Which Corners To Cut And Which To Keep

There are only so many hours in a workday to finish a project and get new projects started. When you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time for that now, maybe later.” It becomes very tempting to cut corners to complete tasks. Blindly cutting corners can lead to major errors or worse, losing a customer and leaving them upset with your company. If you are looking to slim down your workflow while staying productive the best way to cut corners is to implement automated workflow, document management and advanced scanning to your business.

Cut Costs with These Three Simple Steps

There are multiple ways to save money. The only trouble is finding solutions that work for your business. There are solutions out there that can save time, decrease costs, and increase productivity. Whether it involves taking a new look at how your business manages printing and documents, or explores new solutions for the management of your office's IT network, Duplicator Sales has you covered! 

Three ways a business can cut costs and boost productivity though process optimization include:

Enhance Document Management Processes with Cloud Storage

It can be easy for a business to get overwhelmed by documents, especially if the management system that you have in place is not streamlined for ease of use. As technology continues to advance, new software solutions continue to be released that enhance the way we approach document management. Traditional methods of managing documents usually involve filing cabinets and other physical storage options.

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