Sean Klusmeier

Sean has been working for Duplicator Sales & Service for a few years now.  He started out in the New Setup Department and it didn’t take him long to catch on to how that area operated and before long he was moving at full speed.

His mechanical abilities appeared even stronger when the opportunity arose to move to the Recon Department.  Again, he caught on quickly and was soon turning out high quality recons.  As time went on, he would be going back and forth between Recon and New Setup, showing the same strong work ethic in both areas.

Enhance Your Printing Environment with Multifunction

Discovering the perfect combination of office equipment for your office can be difficult, especially for businesses that have experienced rapid growth recently. You do not want to under equip your staff, which can lead to bottlenecks and hinder productivity. On the other hand however, you also do not want to install too many devices, leading to an increase in supply and utility costs.

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